09 January 2010

Bertha and James Hedding travel to the UK 1901/1902

Bertha Elizabeth Warren
James Lawrence Hedding
South Africa to England
3 Aug 1901  Departure East London, Cape Province, South Africa Aboard the "Dunottar Castle" bound for Southampton
24 Aug 1901 Arrival Southampton, Hampshire, England Aboard the "Dunottar Castle" outbound from East London

Citation: "UK Incoming Passenger Lists, 1878-1960," Class: BT26; Piece: 190; Item: 19; Ancestry.com.

England to South Africa
20 Aug 1902 Departure:    England, Hampshire, , Southampton.  Aboard the "Saxon" bound for East London, South Africa.
11 Sep 1902  Arrival:    South Africa, Cape Province, , East London.  Aboard the "Saxon" outbound from Southampton.

Board of Trade: Commercial and Statistical Department, Outwards Passenger Lists (1890-1960), Manifest of "Saxon", Page 10. 

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