09 June 2017

Gwendoline Elaine Hedding (1902-1978)

Gwendoline Elaine Winch (Hedding)

Birth:     11 July 1902,  South Africa

Daughter of Ernulphus Theodore Hedding and Bertha Elizabeth Hedding (Cullingworth) and sister of Ernulphus Hedding; Ernulphus Elliott Hedding and Lorna Maud Abbott (Hedding).

Gwendoline was baptised on 5th October 1902 in East London, Cape, South Africa.

Baptism Register Gwendoline Elaine Hedding 1902

She married Henry Francis Winch on 22 February 1930 in Cape Town, Cape, South Africa. They had two children during their marriage.

Marriage Register - Henry Francis Winch and Gwendoline Elaine Hedding 1930

She died on 29 May 1978 in Port Elizabeth, Cape, South Africa, at the age of 75.

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